4 legendary racers in the history of the MotoGP

Up to now the FIM International Moto Federation has organized 5 modes, including: MotoGP/500cc; 350cc; Moto2/250cc; Moto3/125cc; 80cc/50cc and not a single driver has won all 5 formats. Just four of the racers have ever won three modes. They’re Mike Hailwood, Phil Read, Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez.


Legendary Mike Hailwood is the first racer to appear on this chart that will make you surprised about his achievements

He took part in 4 modes: 125cc, 250cc, 350cc and 500cc (five of them entered at the same time and won 3⁄4 modes. Starting with the Formula 250cc championship in 1961, one year later he started to conquer the 500cc format, and in 1966 he continued to win the championship title in the 350cc class. 


Like Hailwood, Phil Read even battled in four different modes and just couldn’t win a 350cc formula. Phil Read and Mike Hailwood never raced in the 500cc class, but several times in the lower races.


Until now when riders are no longer able to run in several events at the same time, the chances of the racers winning are less and less. It took until 2001, when the third driver won the championship in three different formats. This is Valentino Rossi. The Italian driver has always won the second season, and he has entered that format. 


Bright on Rossi’s accomplishment as a driver whose birthday is one day after him, is also the main counterweight of the present 46. This is Marc Marquez. The Spaniard has an unprecedented record as he won the MotoGP Championship in the first season of the 2013 competition in this format. He’s also the youngest driver ever to win the highest race ever. Previously, Marquez won the 125cc class in 2010 and the Moto2 class in 2012.