How “Great” is the Motorcycle Racing Suite?

The toughness of the MotoGP race is understandable. And in order to ensure the safety of the driver, the racing suit itself has tremendous requirements. So what it is, let ‘s find out about it in this post.

As a result of the growth of engine production technologies, hundreds of other industries have also developed. Even the textile industry profits. Dressing technology has reached an advanced stage as the racing suit offers full security for MotoGP riders.

There are two major manufacturers of MotoGP racing suits, Alpinestar and Dainese

In this article in particular, we’re going to talk about Alpinestar. 

It’s not a lightweight race suit, up to 4.5 kilograms. Therefore, in the design stage, the tailor must be very careful to offer warmth to the wearer. To achieve this, the suit is specially crafted to match the wearer ‘s dimensions.

When the wearer rolls over, he will stay in place. This is especially necessary if the wearer is harmed by friction on the pavement. If you pay attention, even if the driver slips off the lane, he’ll slide, but the object won’t tear. 

The elbow and knee guards are the highlight of these suits. They’re totally removable and washable. The stitches are made in a variety of layers, in the defensive cloth pieces for the most significant portion, people sew up to 3 layers of yarn.

The substance of the racing suit is also not standard. Any of it is made of cow or kangaroo leather. Yet cowhide is more commonly used because of its warmth and mild thickness.

The Alpinestars MotoGP racing suit factory is now providing new technologies for its products. It’s the primary airbag system that helps shield the riders’ upper body. Usually, these air bags can swell by around 4 or 5 cm. 

Finally, the cooling technology is also integrated into this racing suit. Cold water cooling system to help the body cool down. That the suit is sure to be insulated to retain incredibly good heat with the cow ‘s skin. This water cooling system maintains the body temperature at a mild degree to prevent overheating, which allows the driver to be distracted.