Moto GP and all you need to know (Part 6)

Green lights 

The light must be turned on at the pit exit to signal the start of each training session and the start and start of laps and warm-up laps. 

Green Flags 

Tracking is really straightforward. This flag must be waved at each marshal place for the first lap of each training session and warm-up, visible to the lap and warm-up. This flag must be waved at the starter to mark the start of the warm-up lap. When the exit of the pit-lane is open, this flag must be waved at the exit of the pit-lane. 

The flag must also be waved at the location of the marshal immediately after the event involving the use of one or more yellow flags.

Regulations involving the models competing in the competition

The motorcycles used in MotoGP TM are purebred racing motorcycles with-prototypes. They are not eligible for public buying and are not legal on public roads. 

The requirements that the Grand Prix teams must comply with when building their MotoGP TM racing vehicle provide instructions on the type of machine used by the racer. 

The motor dimensions allowed for each class are as follows

MotoGP TM-As of the 2018 season, the maximum engine size permitted is 1000cc, with a maximum of four cylinders and a maximum cylinder diameter of 8mm – two-stroke engines not allowed. 

Each permanently contracted driver will use up to seven engines in all scheduled races of the season

The punishment for trespassing means that the driver can start from the pit lane, five seconds after the green light begins at the end of the pit lane.

With millions of viewers watching every round of the World Championship, motorcycles are now the promoters for many of the big manufacturers to join the sponsorship of the MotoGP TM teams. 

Each motorcycle shows the exclusive number of each driver on the front and back, and typically has the colors and logos of the respective major sponsors, as well as several other logos representing the names of the sponsors.