Motorbike racing is an increasingly popular hobby and one that gets a tremendous amount of exposure each year during the Isle of Man TT races. However, there is action taking place all year round, which means that motorcycle racing fans are never short of races to enjoy. However, the relative niche status of motorcycle racing means that it can be hard for fans to actually keep track of what is going on with their favourite sport. That’s where this website comes in.

Following Motorcycle Racing All Year Round

The best way to follow motorcycle racing is to work out which races are of interest to you before the season starts and to follow the race calendar through the year. Many fans find that following the sport is more fun if they pick a particular team or racer and track their progress closely throughout the season. This is also a great way to get to know other fans and become a more significant part of the motorcycle racing community.

As well as the basic results of the race, there is a lot of other information that fans of the sport can decide to follow. This includes stats about the motorcycles that riders are racing and how they are performing across different courses and terrains throughout the year. Like all sports, motorcycle racing also comes with a good deal of politics, which can make the sport exciting and interesting for people from all over the world to follow and keep up with.