Top 10 most expensive motorcycles in the world (Part 2)

6.Hesketh Valiant SC ($61,033): Built, strong and uncommon are the reasons that make the price of Valiant SC more than USD 60,000. If that’s not enough to persuade you, the 2.1-liter V-Twin engine block will make you adjust. British supermoto has a capability of 210 horsepower and uses the K-Tech suspension system with many handcrafted features created by British mechanical masters.

5.Energica Ego 45 ($68,000): 45 is the amount of Energica Egos created worldwide. — Ego 45 is connected to the front fork with a special number. As the second electric car on the list, the Ego 45 uses a permanent magnet engine of 134 horsepower, enough to beat most electric bikes today, without the Bolt.

4.Arch Motorcycle KRGT-1 ($78,000): KR stands for actor Keanu Reeves. The KRGT-1 was designed through a joint venture between the prominent American actor and the motorcycle manufacturer Gard Hollinger of Arch Motorcycles. Keanu Reeves is a real motorcycle enthusiast, and Keanu and the maker have teamed up to make products that are both classic American and new. 

3.Suter MMX500 (118.565 USD): the motorcycle designer Eskil Suter has re-engineered the 500cc Grand Prix street racing car into a new edition called MMX500. Vehicles using a two-stroke engine with a capacity of 576 cc, V4, coupled with a reverse axle, MMX500 has a capacity of 195 horsepower and a dry weight of just 127 kg.

2.Confederate G2 P51 Battle Fighter (USD 140,000): The Harley Davidson CVO is not enough to please the wealthy and emotional. That’s why the confederate corporation introduced the Battle Aircraft. The architecture, however, is the most extraordinary feature of this model. Every snail on Battle Fighter is worth it, too.

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Vehicles using a 2.1 liter V-Twin engine, generating 145 horsepower

1.Honda RC213V-S ($184,000): With a price tag of $184,000, the Honda RC213V-S super motorcycle is the most expensive motorcycle in the world. Honda states that this car is handcrafted by the craftsmen who made the RC213V MotoGP racing car powered by the Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa racers. RC213V-S shares the materials and technology of racing cars. Just 250 were produced globally, making the RC213V-S a coveted object that Honda fans would like to buy.