Top 10 most outstanding motogp vehicles of all time (Part 1)

Here is a compilation of the 10 most outstanding MotoGP racing stamp designs, most remembered in the history of this tournament.

Honda RCV213V Repsol Factory Team

If you’re a lover of motorcycles and a chance to go to Spain, you’ll certainly think of the Repsol Honda team at MotoGP any time the Repsol gas station passes here. 

The relationship between the Spanish oil and gas companies and Honda has been in operation for 25 years

During that time , multiple racers helped Repsol Honda to win 15 season championships. The fact that orange cars “dominated” MotoGP for a long time has made the concept of this stamp a symbol.

Suzuki RGV500 Pepsi

Back in the early days when MotoGP only used a 500cc 2-stroke engine, the RGV500 was one of the most excellent vehicles in the solution system. The race edition with the main sponsor Pepsi at the end of the ’80s was not the only RGV on the list, because Suzuki was always very smart in placing the sponsor stamps on their cars in a comical way.

Honda NSR500 Rothmans

In the past, cigarette brands have splashed money for virtually every racing sport from F1 to MotoGP and Le Mans. Fans need not be too worried about this, though, because the stamp designs with the branding of a drug firm like the Rothmans are spectacular and are already on the champions’ body. For now, this has come to an end as a result of laws banning cigarette advertisements being enforced in nations.

KTM Tech 3 Red Bull 

It looks like a two-wheeled Toro Rosso F1 race car from the same Red Bull sponsor, but potentially the first KTM Tech3 squad car to have the most spectacular stamp style. Tech3 ‘s old black and gold case looks fantastic, but it’s not as flashy and dramatic as the blue / silver / orange mix when you shake hands with Red Bull.