Top 10 most outstanding motogp vehicles of all time (Part 2)

LCR Honda RC213V Castrol
The portrait of the racer Aaron Minor “Pleading” for the Honda RC45 in Donnington, UK, and several other races in the 1990s has imprinted on the hearts of fans. They were therefore feeling frustrated when they saw the LCR Honda team drive the RCV Castrol out of the garage for Cal Crutchlow to race at Silverstone in 2018.
Yamaha YZR M1 Rossi Winter Test
Not too vivid and popular, but Valentino Rossi’s “outline” of the YZR M1 Winter Test in the 2012 season is still really good. It is modeled with the influence of Rossi’s Moon and Sun Helmets-in which the sun represents Rossi’s smiling face and the moon represents the night. The car is highlighted with some highlights, such as the Rossi number and the front neon fenders.
Suzuki RGV500 Lucky Strike
The classic collection of shirts that varied from the cigarette brand logo, the Lucky Strike case in the two-tone scheme of the RGV500 in 1990 inspired fans to “clone” this pattern to the commercial RGV250.
Yamaha YZF500 Speedblock

Speed Block style: A Yamaha XZ 550 restomod | Bike EXIF
Historically, Yamaha has had a number of outstanding stamp designs

The most famous and memorable, though, is the Speedblock stamp on Kenny Roberts’ 500cc GP racing car. Kenny also opted for a speed block configuration for his TZ750 2 flat-track vehicle in the mid-70s.
Yamaha YZR M1 Petronas SRT
A new outline version of the YZR M1 was announced earlier this year. Petronas are one of the teams who can make the most of their designs on their speed machines-and this is better seen in an F1 race car with the best pit track record.
Honda RCV211 Austin Powers
This special stamp style is named Austin Powers and was chosen by a competition coordinated by Repsol and Motociclismo Motorcycle Magazine. The readers will submit stamp designs reminiscent of the Repsol mark to attend this contest. Rossi, Honda and Repsol then picked Austin Powers from 15 different designs submitted.